At one time, Dinorwic was the second largest quarry in the world and a place of work to over 3,000 people. Today, the tramways and tools stand still but the 700 acre site still provides an important and fascinating insight into the past.

A few hours were spent exploring the quarry but I can safely say that we barely scratched the surface of what was there. We wandered in and out of the old tunnels and buildings that dotted the landscape and you couldn’t help but imagine how life must have been like here during its heyday. The tunnels also made for a brilliant shelter from the rain for our lunch.

The quarry is a labyrinth of places to explore and while there is no set trail to best explore the place, it benefits from wide and fairly flat paths that are ideal for cycling and pushchairs. Having said that, there were some barriers in place at the entrance to prevent motorcycles from getting through so be prepared to lift a pram over the top if you bring one.

Dinorwic Quarry really is an incredible place and you could spend years exploring it and not see it all. So having only spent a few hours there, we’ll definitely be heading back to uncover more of its secrets.


While there are several ways to enter the Quarry, a more family friendly way is via Minffordd, which lies about half a mile out of Dinorwig. There are no parking fees as it’s not really a carpark as such.

You can see a little of what life was like at the Quarry in the film below.

If you’re looking for a perfect spot to eat before or after your visit to the quarry, I’d highly recommend visiting the lovely Lodge Dinorwig just down the road.

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