Tales from the Outside: The Cup & Saucer

a photo of a bone china cup and saucer over looking Welsh mountains in Snowdonia, Wales. The shot was taken outside and overlooking the Idwal Slabs looking across Llyn Idwal to Pen yr Ole Wen in the distance.My dad always refused to drink tea out of a mug and would only have it in a cup and saucer. Friends and family would even buy one to have in their cupboard for when he visited. If anyone ever forgot and gave him a mug he’d sit there staring down into the tea inside and freeze until they realised their error and took it away.

When he went to Everest and reached Base Camp he produced a cup and saucer from his rucksack that he’d carried all the way from North Wales and had a celebratory tea in it. Thinking about it, he might be the first and last ever climber to use a bone china cup and saucer at Base Camp.

Yesterday, I went to the place where he’d last walked and just as he had done on Everest, pulled out his cup and saucer from a rucksack and had a tea in his memory.

This photo was taken near the Idwal Slabs looking across Llyn Idwal to Pen yr Ole Wen. 

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