Chicken Pox has hit the house so all playgroup and nursery sessions are off limits this week. So, on the way home I decided to put together a ‘Pudding Treasure Hunt’ for them.

I called into the shop to get some Dairy-free Wilf-friendly chocolate, ‘borrowed’ some pages from a kid’s book, drew up some maps and then planted them and the chocolate in different parts of the village. I told them a Wizard had stopped me on the way home and given me a wooden box with a mission in it.

(And yes, the male contingent in this household have called themselves ‘The Willy Squad’).

The boys got themselves kitted out, accepted the mission and we were off lead by a very serious and determined Arthur.

Cattle footprints in cow pats became dinosaur prints that we had to dodge, stiles were climbed and stones walls were traversed like they were ridges on Everest.

They found the treasure and we navigated our way back home. For less than £2 and half an hour prep’, it was a lovely, cheap and easy adventure in that gap between tea and bedtime.

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