Tales from the Outside: Man of the Mountains

This post was written a few years ago when I climbed my first mountain with him. We did this a couple of years before he passed away and its one of my favourite images of him.

my dad pausing for a break whilst climbing Tryfan mountain in North Wales

Man of the Mountains

This is my old man and I climbed a mountain with him yesterday.

It was the first time we’d ever done this together. He’s hitchhiked all over the world, been to Timbuktu on the back of a pineapple truck and been to Base Camp at Everest.

During yesterday’s climb, every turn involved another story about the name or history of a mountain or falling down holes or into rivers.

Over the last few years he’s been trying to tick off every mountain in Snowdonia. Yesterday I found out why. After I took this photo he told me he was planning for his death.

He said that he’d written a diary about each of these mountains but that he was planning something else. His plan was to create four time capsules, leave something precious in each, plant them on four of his favourite mountains, log their coordinates and leave the details in his will. He said it would be his version of a love letter. We carried on up to the peak and homeward and I wondered whether I’d be back on this mountain someday with a piece of paper searching for a capsule.

Photo taken from the North Ridge of Tryfan

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