Tales from the Outside: a note to Wilf, my unborn son – ( light after dark)

a note to my unborn son

a photo showing the pregnancy announcement for our second son. The photo contains the scan picture of Wilf with Pen Ole Wen as the backdrop. Also includes a letter to my unborn son. Taken originally for my instagram


When one grand old tree falls to reacquaint itself with the land it’s lived in, a seed is breaking through that land and seeing the sun for the first time. When one lightbulb decides to end and darkens a room, another is coming on.

I saw my father take his last breath a few weeks ago and a darkness crept its way across the mountains. A few months from now, I will be seeing my second child take their first breath and suddenly a light is breaking through and I can see those mountains again.

This photo was taken at Cwm Idwal, looking across to Pen yr Ole Wen.

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