I missed the boys bedtime as I had to stay late at work which means I’ve seen them for about half an hour today. It’s a not a frequent occurrence but I still hate missing putting them to bed. Part of Arthur’s routine is ‘making up a story’ where he gives me a theme, I start us off and he finishes certain sentences off. I’ll be honest and say that there are some occasions after a long day where coming up with the ideas or energy for it is bloody difficult but I’ve never said ‘not tonight’.

On my walks or runs, I pick up props for our stories. Sometimes they are the catalyst for the stories and sometimes, at a key moment in the plot, I’ll produce one from behind my back. The lump of Quartz was one of those moments.

I found it in a stream when I descended Cnicht so brought it home with me. The story went along the lines of me helping out a mountain Wizard who was in trouble and that he gave me a wishing rock to give Arthur as a thank you. His eyes grew so wide with wonder when I produced it from behind me. You can’t buy that. We’ve done it with the driftwood and he found the Mole skeleton in a wood and he came up with a story about it being a baby Triceratops. Tonight, as I’ve missed our story, I’ll put the Buzzard’s feather I found on my run last night next to his bed and we’ll make up a story about it before I head to work.


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