Tales from the Outside: A note to Arthur

This post was written for my son Arthur when I found out we were expecting him.

a photo of Arthur's scan picture with Snowdonia mountains as a backdrop. Image is of'The Horns' looking across Llyn Llydaw and was a way of sharing the news with instagram.

a note to my unborn son


Dear Son/Daughter,
When I heard you were on your way, I headed straight for the mountains; not because I was running away but because I needed the type of solitude you need to consider something so life changing.

As I sat up there on Crib Goch and thought about how everything felt so different now. I looked at the little stones at my feet, held one between my fingers and thought about how you were smaller.

Then I wondered how something so small could change everything. I reached for my pocket, pulled out my phone and played a song by Bill Ryder Jones.

I didn’t have my headphones so held the phone to my ear to block out the wind;

‘Are you the one I’m waiting for?

Are you the one I’m praying on?

A thing to keep some feelings in?

Or to hang a hope upon?’

Everything made sense. I looked in the direction of the mountain where my father had talked about his plans for leaving time capsules in the mountains for us to find after he’d gone. While that was about family and an end I looked at the stone in my hand and thought about how this was also about family but also a start.

On Friday I climbed up here and held this photo of you. One day these mountains will be yours and we’ll walk them together. See you in March.

Your Dad.

This post was written on top of ‘The Horns’ looking across Llyn Llydaw and across to the summit of Snowdon the day after I found out Arthur was on his way. 

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