When the kids arrived, I was determined to get them out and about in the wild as soon as possible and so began the treacherous task of finding a carrier. The garage/attic/roof box are testament to that struggle with carriers of every denomination expensive reminders of gimmicky carriers that just didn’t work for us. Some needed MENSA levels of intellect to fathom how they worked while others required the dexterity of a Yoga Master to get on or off with a child in it. They were carriers made for parents but clearly designed without parental input. That was until I tried the LittleLife Voyager S5.

Given the trials and tribulations I’d had with previous carriers, I was sceptical about the Voyager S5. As soon as I’d unboxed it, the thought and development that had gone into it was completely obvious and I knew immediately that this was a very different carrier. Wilf is the toughest of critics so he was the perfect candidate to road test the Voyager S5.

If your child is anything like mine, they’ll insist on walking but soon enough, the zombie arms come out accompanied by a fake cry that’s code for ‘I can’t be bothered walking anymore so carry me’. We were off for an afternoon exploring a forest so this was the perfect opportunity to try the carrier.

I’ll be honest, I’m not one for instructions or studying something before trying it so I whipped Wilf into the Voyager and away we went. Getting him in was a breeze and if he hadn’t have liked it, I, and everyone else within a 60 mile radius would have known about it. The straps to secure him into the cockpit were super-easy to use and the more I used it, the more I realised how well considered this carrier was and that the designers really had thought of everything.

Backpacks are notorious of their lack of breathability and the ubiquitous backpack shaped sweat-patch on your clothes is almost inevitable. Again, the designers behind the Voyager S5 had thought of this with its mesh system and there were no such problems with it.

As we wandered through the forest, I found myself saying over and over ‘they’ve thought of everything here’. Young children are dribblers and messy eaters and with other carriers, the chin rests either got waterlogged or were ruined from staining. Again, they’d thought of this and the chin support on this was made of repellent material and was removable.

As gripping as I like to think my conversation is, kids are a tough crowd and have the temerity to fall asleep, especially as I’m explaining the names of mountains. As any parent will testify, wake up a sleeping child and you suffer the consequences. In the past, silence from the carrier has meant fishing out my phone, switching on the front camera and using it like some periscope to see if he’s asleep. You guessed it, they’d thought of that too with a handy mirror hidden in a side-pocket. It was even tinted to avoid blinding the child/accidentally starting a forest fire. Genius!

Everywhere you look on the Voyager is another detail that screams ‘they really get it’. The bottle holder is lined with a Vibram sleeve; a material used for the soles of premium footwear to maintain grip and the strap closures use magnets for secure yet quick opening and closing.

Carriers, by their very nature, are there to carry kids and that’s it. But, the Voyager is different. Every available bit of space is utilised, be it the waist straps or the huge section at rear of the carrier (where the rain cover/sun shade are stowed) and there’s even a detachable backpack.

Even the backpack doesn’t escape detailed consideration with straps that neatly tuck away when it’s re-attached to the carrier.

The LittleLife Voyager S5 really was a revelation and a pleasure to use. I keep harping on about it, but this was design at its best where nothing had escaped consideration. The team behind this really had the needs of both child and adult in mind when designing the Voyager and I can’t praise them highly enough for what they’ve created here.

The LittleLife Voyager is available here


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