With single use plastics being a topic of conversation at the moment, and rightly so, I looked at my own use when heading for days out. If I’m honest, my usual routine for a day in the mountains often involves a stop en-route for fuel and to buy a bottle of water to stow away in my bag. Not only is this not sustainable in an environmental sense but the bottle takes up valuable room in the bag both before and after it’s used.

During last year’s Dadventure Festival I came across the Hydrapak Stash for the first time. The Stash is an expandable bottle that weighs 50% less than a hard bottle. When filled, it’s completely rigid and stays upright.

Hydrapack Stash

Hydrapack Stash

Once empty, and with a simple twist, the Stash collapses to a fraction of its original size. I found this to be really useful not just on Snowdon where I used it first but also when taking the kids out as space is often at a premium in the bag we take out. I’ve actually found myself taking it to work during the week too.


You can buy the Hydrapak stash from Amazon here

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