When the boys at Propermag asked me to have a look at some Haglofs gear I didn’t need asking once, never mind twice. I’ve been a big fan of Haglofs for a long time, not only because they produce some handsome kit but because of their commitment to sustainability and the environment.

They recently started making ‘Leftover sleeping bags’, fabricated from unused material left over from their production processes and in November last year they also won the Fair Wear Foundation Inspiration Award ‘for ensuring that garment factory worker’s rights are heard and acted on.’ I mean, what’s not to like.

I recently gave their Skuta Mid Proof Eco Men boots a whirl on a hike up Cnicht; the Welsh Matterhorn. I’m always a bit reticent about trying new boots for the first time on a mountain but I needn’t have worried with these.

They were a solid boot that were super comfortable and lightweight without compromising on protection. The GEL™ rear-foot cushioning, you may recognise from ASICS runners, really absorbed impact, especially coming down the mountain.

I’ve had boots in the past that I haven’t trusted on certain terrain such as wet rocks but these were totally dependable on everything I threw at them. I had to cross some boggy marshland at one point and anyone who’s done this will understand that tense wait; the wait for the waterlogged sock. But, the tongue gusset stopped any water from making its way into the boot. They’re waterproof flex tested to 100,000 steps which, if I’m honest, haven’t a clue what it means, but it sounds impressive so I’ll just nod knowingly in agreement. 

Aside from the functionality of the boot, they also look really good. The mix of reinforced panels and eco-friendly leather from a tannery audited by the Leather Working Group makes for a good looking shoe. I really liked how the colours reflected those of the landscape itself rather than being some garish neon. 

So, if you’re looking for a tough, trustworthy, handsome and ethically minded hiking boot then look no further than these.

The Haglöfs Skuta mid proof Eco are available here

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