It’s no secret that our family love Fforest. Actually, such is our love for the place that we eloped and got married there earlier this year but we’ll share that soon. Sian and James, the owners, have created something truly magical at Fforest that I felt could never really be quantified or described in words and heaven knows I’ve tried countless times to do so. But, I was wrong.

‘Fforest – Being, Doing and Making in Nature’ written by Sian and published by Kyle Books is a beautiful compendium of what makes Fforest the place it is.

If you’ve ever seen Sian’s instagram account then you’ll be familiar with the soulful, calm way she writes and her love and respect for her surroundings.

In Sian’s own words, ‘Spending time outdoors and being in nature is what we encourage most here at fforest. Swimming in the sea, walking in the woods, daydreaming and cloud spotting, stargazing and breathing fresh air, all fundamental to calming our soul, our well-being, health and happiness. 
Here is a new book celebrating the enhancing effect of spending time in nature, with guides, tips and inspiration to try and re-discover pursuits that would have been second nature to previous generations. 
How to catch a spider crab and a razor clam, seaweed and tree identification, woodland bathing, which wood burns best, make and cook campfire flatbread, how to print with the sun, press flowers and make good compost. And plenty more.

The book also features photography by one of my favourite photographers, Finn Beales .

If you’ve ever been to Fforest then you’ll know the withdrawals you get once you’ve returned home and a desperate need to go back. This beautiful and heartfelt book will more than fill that gap until you return. If you’ve not been yet then reading this will have you heading for their website to book a stay.

‘Fforest – Being, Doing and Making in Nature’ is available to buy here

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