There’s little better than seeing good people doing good things. Neil Summers and Mark Smith, the head honchos behind Propermag Agency and clothing brand Hikerdelic, are doing exactly that.

From homemade fanzine to an agency working with some of the biggest brands in the world, Mark and Neil have come a long, long way since they used a photo I took on a Nokia for the front cover of their first publication.

Having recently collaborated with Novesta and Kickers of late, they’d be forgiven for putting their feet up for a bit but not these chaps.

A move that underlines their growing standing in the industry sees a mighty collaboration between Hikerdelic and heritage brand, Barbour, for their first capsule collection together.

The range comprises two jackets, a hat, bag and scarves, all of which are given Hikerdelic’s trademark ‘retro-hiker’ twist to Barbour’s classic silhouettes.

The Hikerdelic x Barbour collection is available here

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