TALES : Being a Dad to Brothers

The best thing I ever did was give these two each other. Wilf pines for Arthur if he’s not in the same room and Arthur’s first words when he wakes up are to ask where Wilf is. I hope that bond just grows and grows.

Having two this close together is bloody hard though, especially when you go from not being a dad to being a dad of two inside 18 months. Doing feeds several times a night and three hours later standing in a hall in front of 160 kids on your own or teaching a class is tough. Especially when you can’t remember your own name nevermind remember why a poet chose to compare his wife to a skunk.

I’m not moaning though. I just don’t want to portray life on here as being something it’s not. My boys are brilliant and I can’t wait to see the bond between them grow. Willy Squad forever*.

*The boys in our house started a gang and we called ourselves the Willy Squad; we are Dad, Arthur, Wilf and Ned the dog.

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