About us


Hello and welcome to Wander Wonder.

I’m Huw Tomos-Griffiths and I live in North East Wales with my young family.  The outdoors and the mountains have always been a key part of both my childhood and my adult life and that sense of freedom, wonder and adventure is something I’ve wanted to instil in my boys. So much so, that my son’s middle name is Mynydd which is the Welsh word for mountain.

Photography has also been a huge part of my life. My dad turned the shed at the top of the garden into a darkroom and we spent countless hours on weekends and school holidays taking photographs and then developing them.


After years of sharing the different corners of the outdoors through my photography and writing, I was frequently asked for recommendations for places to visit, walk, eat and stay from people and companies. Given my location, many of the requests I received focused on Snowdonia and other parts of Wales.

I loved helping people explore this incredible part of the world and equally loved pointing them in the direction of good people with independent businesses that could help them.

Wander Wonder has been created as a different way of sharing experiences and suggesting places to be explored.  All aspects of the outside will be covered from walks, mountains, lakes, places of interest and the kit that might be able to help you on these adventures.

On Wander Wonder you can expect to see honest guides to walks and trips alongside reviews of products, places to stay, eat and visit that are based on first hand experiences.

I’m also passionate about showing people how accessible these parts of the world can be and how it can rival any corner of the globe despite it being on our doorstep.

The arrival of two children in a short space of time changed the way I saw the outdoors and how I spent time there. I realised that families could benefit from guides that could help them explore while also keeping an eye on costs and facilities they would need.

For me, being outside provides space to explore, think and experience that sense of wonder through wandering and I hope that this site shows it’s available to all.

A sense of community, encouraging adventure and assisting independent businesses is at the heart of Wander Wonder.

If you have any suggestions of walks, places, businesses or experiences that fit in with the spirit of Wander Wonder that we could feature, please get in touch as we’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for visiting,